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Serological testing

A serological blood testing service is provided to the poultry industry to detect and measure the levels of antibodies as a result of exposure to a particular bacteria or virus. When poultry are exposed to bacteria or viruses (antigens), their body’s immune system produces specific antibodies against the organism. The presence of the antibodies can assist veterinarians to determine which bacteria or virus is present.

Poultry Health Advice?

For expert advice on poultry health and production, please contact any of the veterinarians from The Poultry Practice.

The Poultry Practice works through close corroboration and involvement with clients to seek and identify the specific needs and problems of each enterprise. This is not confined to disease issues but includes all feed, environmental and husbandry factors that can impact on the success of poultry production.

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Turnaround time

Test nameTurnaround time (days)
Elisa Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV)4
Elisa Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD)4
Elisa Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG)4
Elisa Mycoplasma Senoviae (MS)4
Elisa Avian Influenza (AI)4
Elisa Reovirus (REO)4
Elisa Avian Encephalomyelitis Virus (AEV)4
Elisa Salmonella Enteritidis (SE)4
Elisa ART Avian Pneumovirus (APV)4
Elisa Chicken Anaemia Virus (CAV)4
Elisa Ornithobacterium Rhinotrachaele (ORT)4

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