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Glossary of terms

Enumeration: To determine the exact number(count) of said organism present.
Detection: To prove that said organism is present.
Air Settlement plate:  Plates left in the environment for a period of time to determine organisms present in the environment.
Contact plate:Plates of a certain surface area used to determine organisms present on a surface, usually after disinfection.
Heterotrophic plate count: Growth of viable bacteria in water.
Viable count: Count of living organisms capable of reproducing.
Total Viable Count:
Total living bacteria, yeasts and moulds.
PCRPolymerase Chain Reaction
MGMycoplasma gallisepticum
MS Mycoplasma senoviae
SER (Serology)Bloodtest to detect the presence of antibodies against a microorganism or virus.
ELISAEnzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay
NDVNewcastle Disease Virus
IBV Infectious Bronchitis Virus
IBD Infectious Bursal Disease
MGMycoplasma Gallisepticum
MS Mycoplasma Senoviae
AIAvian Influenza
AEVAvian Encephalomyelitis Virus
SESalmonella enteritidis
APVAvian Pneumovirus
CAVChicken Anaemia Virus
ORTOrnithobacterium rhinotrachaele
QAC Based Disinfectants/SanitizersQuaternary Ammonium Compound.
OocystsResistant stage of life cycle of parasites.
Urease ActivityCatalyses the hydrolysis of Urea into Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide.
Antimicrobial SubstancesSubstances that kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms.

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